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J. Brian Washman is a singer with a lifetime of experience.
e's been performing since the age of 3 and his soulful blend of
pop, rock and country has dazzled audiences ever since.

He is most noted for his powerful ballads where the
strength and power of his voice is most evident.

  Dedication and persistence characterized J. Brian Washman’s first solo performance when, at the delicate age of 2 ˝, he sang "Praise Him, Praise Him" before a rapt audience of family and friends in front of a pulpit in a San Joaquin Valley, California church. Reaching the end of the last verse did not signify the end of a song for young J. Brian. He started right back at the first line of the first verse, singing straight through, ‘round back again, and again . . . he just couldn’t stop singing. And he’s felt that way since.

From his meager beginnings of childhood performances for friends and family, to his recent appearances in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area, J. Brian Washman continues a long family musical heritage in high style. As a recording artist and member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, he’s crooned for countless AIDS benefits and fund-raisers in the Bay Area and throughout the country and was featured performer at the Western Days weekend at Guerneville on the Russian River.

The Imperial Court of San Francisco honored him with the title "The Count of Country Music" in 1997 and in ’98 with the title "Official Court Singer" for his countless performances for charity. The Bay Area Reporter listed him as "one of San Francisco’s finest performers" for his spectacular talents in "The Songs of the Season" charity Christmas show in 1997.

J. Brian’s solo collection of country rock and ballads titled "Not Too Much To Ask" , to benefit charities, is now available. His studio back-up vocals can be heard on the recordings of artists such as Rebekah Del Rio.

In addition to singing, J. Brian appeared in the lead role of Joey in the world premiere workshop production of "Temporarily Yours," a play by Tom W. Kelly, at the Diego Rivera Theater in San Francisco, where his voracious vocal abilities lent intense authenticity to a tragicomic role.

He has opened for, or performed with, such major acts as Rebekah Del Rio, Shelly West, Sharon McKnight and Randy Riggs.

J. Brian’s charismatic voice can "melt the toughest crowd into a pool of tears," says writer D.J. Gaskin. He’s been called "The Cowboy Diva", "A Crooner With Soul", and of course "The Count of Country Music." But by whatever name, the outcome’s the same: J. Brian Washman, with his unique blend of power and grace of voice is a passionately soulful and sensitive vocal performer.

"The gap between country music and other genres has narrowed in recent years and I love to bring some of the flavor of Rock and Roll, Pop and R&B into my music. It’s a whole new era for popular music." J. Brian Washman

 djg, 04/20/99